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We believe the power of nature is best unlocked when proven by science.

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Unsurpassed research expertise in plant-based health solutions

We believe that nature knows everything and science proves it. We have a dedicated team committed to making it easier to take good care of yourself, naturally, with the power of plants.* Scientists, researchers and botanists work together, united by the passion of bringing powerful plant-based health solutions to the world.

Designing best-in-class plant-based health solutions

From stem to root to flower to leaf, each ingredient is curated and supported with clinical trials to verify its benefit. We use scientifically validated key ingredients in our plant-powered solutions to bring you the very best.

Producing plant-based health solutions that work

From seed to finished product, we implement the highest quality control standards throughout the entire production process. Our plant-based ingredients are harvested from nature, precisely extracted and expertly blended to deliver results you can count on.

From stem to root to flower to leaf, each plant-based
ingredient is curated and supported with clinical trials.

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Step 1: Plant-based ingredients are carefully harvested and stored to capture the treasures of the soil

Just as the quality of grapes determines the quality of wine, the same holds true for plant-based health solutions. How and where the plants are grown, how and when they are harvested, and how they are stored directly impact the quality and efficacy of the finished product. That’s why, for Stem & Root™, we:


Ensure traceability by only using plants with a proven source of origin


Harvest plants during their peak season, when phytonutrient levels are optimal


Dry or deep freeze immediately after picking to preserve the optimal levels of phytonutrients (and prevent biological degradation) during storage


Test our plant-based ingredients for heavy metals, pesticide residue, foreign matters or microbial contamination to ensure purity

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Step 2: Precise extraction techniques

We utilize the extraction method most appropriate for each type of plant to ensure that we extract the appropriate level of phytonutrients from the plants.


Each batch of plant extract is tested to ensure purity and potency (i.e., it contains the levels of phytonutrients we expect).

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Step 3: Blending and packaging the finished product

Each extract is carefully blended in the proper order.


Each batch of finished product is tested once again for purity and potency.

Just as the quality of grapes determines the quality of wine, the same holds true for plant-based health solutions.


It’s the powerful combination of science and nature backed by clinical trials that sets us apart and gives you the power to make choices with confidence and ease. Additionally, we insist on clear, easy-to-understand product labels, so you can easily choose with certainty what’s right for you. In a world of fast-paced change and overwhelming choice, it’s comforting to know when natural solutions are backed by a name you know and trust.


Take good care of yourself with help from the proven power of plants.*


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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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