Free from: Artificial Preservatives, Fillers, Sulfites, Gluten, Artificial Colors, & Flavors. Non-GMO and Vegan, too.

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Digestive Enzyme Blend

Digestive enzymes help your body break down foods which can lead to better nutrition. We use a broad range of enzymes to help digest proteins, dairy, and fats.


At Stem & Root, your safety is our priority. We always screen every ingredient in our digestive enzyme and magnesium supplement for heavy metals, pesticides, and contamination to ensure product efficacy.


We’ve formulated our digestive capsule with nature-inspired ingredients like dandelion greens, fenugreek, and pure magnesium to help your stomach settle before the discomfort even has a chance to begin.


We believe the power of nature is best unlocked when proven by science. Every digestive pill includes clinically studied ingredients to aid in stomach pain relief from over-indulgence.

Before Your Meal

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digestion duo

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After You Indulge