Our passions are rooted in creating natural, powerful plant-based health supplements that benefit your overall well-being.

Daily supplements to support your mind & body.

Trouble sleeping lately? Stress taking over your days? Take control of your well-being so you can wake up refreshed, focus on what counts & get through that mid-afternoon workday slump with Stem & Root.

We promise quality ingredients.

From stem to root to flower to leaf, we bring you supplements you can trust for your daily routine.


We screen our plant-powered ingredients for heavy metals, pesticides & microbial contamination to ensure product safety & efficacy.


We find the perfect ingredients for each product by sourcing the highest quality plants, harvesting at their prime & precisely extracting them.


We believe the power of nature is best unlocked when proven by science, so it’s only natural that our key plant-powered ingredients are scientifically validated for your peace of mind.

Stemming from Nature.
Rooted in Science.

Created by a team of scientists, researchers, & botanists with expertise in plant-based health solutions, our plant-based ingredients are harvested from nature, extracted with precision, expertly blended with other ingredients & clinically tested. Pure, potent & proven by science, our supplements deliver results you can rely on.

Our scientists, researchers & botanists deliver innovative, plant-based health solutions that really work.